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Hasty.db is a fast, and easy to use tool that can be used to interface with sqlite3, an incredibly fast, efficient, and complex database functional database.


From the console run npm install hasty.db.


Once installed, you can import Hasty into your project with require():

const Hasty = require("hasty.db");

Or with import if you're using TypeScript:

import Hasty from "hasty.db";

What is Hasty?

Hasty.db is an intuitive tool to help create complex database structures with ease. From basic first-time projects to medium scale application, Hasty is there for you all the way.

Example usage

Here we import Hasty as layed out above and create some stats for Hasty

// Import hasty
const Hasty = require("hasty.db");
const Database = Hasty();

// Create Hasty's stats
Database.set("hasty", {
health: 100,
armour: 20,
items: [],

// Give Hasty a potion with >> Dot Notation <<
Database.push("hasty.items", "Potion of Vigor");

// Add some health to Hasty
Database.add("health", 15);


Produces the output

"health": 100,
"armour": 20,
"items": ["Potion of Vigor"]